Framing services in Lexington

It takes an experienced team with the right equipment to safely execute a new construction framing project that meets Kentucky building codes. The team at JLD Incorporated is licensed and insured to complete the job correctly so your project will finish on-time and on-budget.

Timing is everything

Constructing a building is a process that requires various team to come together on schedule in order to keep everything on track and on budget. JLD Incorporated is experienced at coordinating with appropriate teams and permits to ensure a smooth framing phase.
New construction framing project

Start now

Consulting with your contractors as early as possible can help design a project that is as efficient as possible, saving time and money. If you're considering a new construction project, contact JLD Incorporated to see where we can help you plan effectively.
Ongoing construction project

Talk to our team

Talk to our team about your plans for new construction, or just reach out if you have a dream or an idea for your perfect home. We'll be happy to work with you not matter where you are in the process, providing consultations and estimates when appropriate. Call (859) 252-1490 today.
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